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23 Oct 2016

Reviving old laptops w/ CloudReady

People sometimes give me their discarded technologies. Maybe it is because they somehow sense my fondness for such things, or because I unknowingly transmit a deep belief that the life and utility of most everything should be longer. Maybe it is because I used to work in a sort of natural history museum for discarded formats and standards, and that a small part of our work was to transcode any recently found bits of sound or video on tape, or laserdisc, or betamax, or …. into other, newer standards. Or maybe they just saw a bunch of junk on a desk of mine and wanted thought it would be convenient to add their old laptop to it.

26 Jun 2016

Creating a Drupal-like content type in Jekyll for Presentations

I’ll probably always be a big fan of Drupal. I absolutely loved working with Drupal to create platforms for communities to build and share knowledge together. But for a small, personal site like this one, it feels like a bit much. As others have said, running a server and a database, and keeping up with all the associated updates and patches, begins to feel like overhead, and for me, ultimately ends up becoming an excuse to not actually write anything! That said, running something in a hosted WordPress environment doesn’t give adequate opportunities to tinker with things under the hood. So lately, I’ve felt like Jekyll comes to the rescue by providing just the right balance of tinkering-time and a focus on content. As if I had any lingering doubts, I recently learned that Jekyll’s collections function quite a bit like Drupal’s content types + views framework. In other words, you can make Drupal-like content types in Jekyll. Brilliant.

03 Jun 2016

Coding a presentation

I recently ran across a set of online presentation slides with a readable, responsive design. I took a look at the source, and it seemed like they were written with R. Presentations in HTML/Markdown? Wow. More things to turn into text!

27 May 2016

Notebooks 📓

I’ve been thinking, continually, about notebooks. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people with shelves of moleskines, each one full of ideas and dreamwork. I’m not sure when it started. Certainly before I held (and smelled) a Leonardo facsimile.